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All animals sold out of state are required to have a Health Certificate issued by our vet for the standard fee of $45. Because we cannot control environmental influences and conditions once said animal leaves our property, we cannot offer further guarantees.

If you would like to purchase an animal listed on our sales page we require $100 as a nonrefundable deposit to hold the animal for you. **WE will not be able to hold animals.  They are priced to move out, due to the nature of the sale.**  Your deposit will hold the animal of your choice for 30 days while you make transportation arrangements. Prices that are listed on the website can only be locked in at that price with a paid deposit. Should we have to hold an animal for more than 30 days, full payment is expected. We will charge a $3 per day boarding charge if pick-up is not made when previously arranged. All fees, health certificates and any other costs are to paid before the animal leaves this farm. IF YOU PICK YOUR ANIMAL UP AT THE FARM, MAKE SURE TO HAVE A CRATE OR TRAILER THAT IS THE CORRECT SIZE FOR THE ANIMAL'S COMFORT.

We reserve the right to retain any animal on the sales list for herd replacement or to withdraw it from sale if it does not meet our quality standards.

If the animal sold is a doe,  there is no guarantee of fertility except where hermaphroditism becomes apparent when the animal reaches breeding age. A doe sold as “bred” is not guaranteed to be pregnant, but only to have normally accepted service from the buck.

We guarantee the fertility of the buck. A buck, after reaching 1 year of age, should be able to serve and settle a doe. The buyer is expected to provide reasonable care and feed. Should the buck prove to be a non-breeder, the buyer shall notify the us within 60 days from the first time he was used for service, provided the animal was over 1 year of age at the time of service; and the buyer shall provide sufficient proof, such as a statement from a veterinarian, that said buck is sterile. We have the option of making a satisfactory exchange or refunding the money. In no case shall we be responsible for more than the selling price. The purchaser shall pay any shipping charges involved in the exchange. We require the original registration papers returned in an animal exchange.

If the buck is sold as a wether at a wether price no guarantees are offered.  Wethers will be sold with "NO" registration papers!

****NOTE**** It is the buyers responsibility to stay in touch with Checkerboard Creek Farm . If we do not hear from you after your 30 days deposit period is over, we reserve the right to offer said animal for sale again. This has happened several times to us. Checkerboard Creek Farm is very easy to work with, but we cannot be boarding animals indefinitely for customers we haven't heard from. Boarding charges WILL apply after 30 days.

All kids will be  disbudded and tattoo'd before leaving the farm. All kids have been raised on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk for the 10 years we have been raising goats.  We do not dam raise.

All shipping costs (including crate) and health certificates are the responsibility of the
buyer. Any testing costs that are required by your state must also be paid by the
buyer prior to shipping. So please check with your vet as to what is required.

No animal, after it has left our farm, may be returned due to Bio-Security purposes.

If you are interested in any, please email us at checkerb@cbcfarm.com

Thanks for looking.